You could reduce your image weight by around: 0kb (NaN%)

Analysis date: July 9, 2024

0 images were found on this page from Below is a breakdown of approximately how much page weight you could save if they were optimized with PicPerf. Any images already being optimized by PicPerf are ignored.

Aside from being optimized, each of these images would be automatically aggressively cached on visitors' devices, as well as on a global CDN. Pictures will be faster, and served in the format (WebP or AVIF) best suited for a great experience on the web. The more you have, the stronger the gains.

About These Numbers

This analysis was run by loading the page on a simulated mobile device. The page was then scrolled all the way to the bottom, so that lazily-loaded images had a chance to play too. Every image loaded throughout that process was then run through a series of optimizations, after which the numbers were crunched.
Sorry, no images were found on this page.