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Service-Level Agreement

PicPerf aims to make website image performance simple, impactful, and just as critically, reliable. That’s why I guarantee 99% monthly uptime for those relying on PicPerf.

What is “uptime”?

“Uptime” refers to the period of time when PicPerf is running, which includes allowing administrative access and successfully handling image requests.

What happens if it’s below 99%?

If I’m doing this right, we won’t need to deal with this situation. But occasionally, reality hits hard. So, if uptime drops below 99%, I’ll notify you and credit your subscription with a week of free service for every 30-minute interval of downtime below that mark.

How do we track that uptime?

It’s tracked by monitoring the server-side exceptions through a third-party service, as well as Cloudflare’s built-in dashboard. Unfortunately, this information is currently not publicly available.

Will this change in the future?

Rarely. If it does, I’ll notify you by sending an email.

What if I have questions about this SLA?

You can either submit this form or find me on Twitter.