The PicPerf Page Analyzer

See how much page weight you could save by optimizing your site's images.

Optimizing & converting your images to formats like WebP and AVIF can have a big impact on how visitors experience your website. Not only will your site's photos load faster, but things like your Core Web Vitals and SEO will benefit too.

Submit a URL, and this tool will load the page on a mobile device, capture every loaded image, and calculate approximately how much weight could be saved by using a service like PicPerf.

You'll get an email with a link to the results as soon as it's finished (it could take a bit), along with a 20% discount code for your first term of a paid plan. You'll get emailed once and your email address won't be saved.

Images found in <img> tags, <style> tags, and inline CSS will be handled by the tool. Single-page applications work too!