Convert an AVIF Image to PNG

  • Converted with the highest quality settings.
  • Transparency is preserved.
  • Images aren't stored anywhere remotely.
  • Totally free. No strings.
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AVIF is an image format rapidly seen more and more use on the modern web. That's good -- the format helps make websites, faster, lighter, and more accessible. Still, they can be a hassle to download and use offline. Use this tool to convert an AVIF image to the PNG format.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is an AVIF image converted to PNG?

    PicPerf's image converter depends on the 'libvips' library, a trusted image processing library written in C. It manages the encoding of AVIF pixel data, resulting in a virtually lossless PNG version being generated on the other end.

  • Will image quality suffer during the conversion from AVIF to PNG?

    Nope. The conversion process uses the highest-quality settings throughout the process, ensuring that the resulting PNG image closely resembles the original AVIF image.

  • What sets AVIF and PNG apart?

    The PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format has been around for decades, was was initially designed to replace the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). It generally provides better quality compared to the same images formatted as JPEGs and supports transparency. AVIF is a more recent format introduced as part of the AV1 codec. It was developed to be a modern, lightweight format suitable for the web, while retaining features such as transparency and animations. However, one drawback is that AVIF images currently lack widespread support in offline tools.

  • Why is AVIF suddenly being used more often?

    Due to its efficiency. AVIF images can be notably smaller in size than their PNG equivalents (sometimes up to 70% smaller), all while maintaining the core attributes of PNG images. This enhancement can have a positive impact on user experience and SEO, especially as search engines continue to prioritize high-performing websites. For those reasons, you'll likely see AVIF images used more often in the future.