Simple, Effective Image Optimization for WordPress

Fast, optimized images are a critical part of strong website performance. So much so that Google has made it a core part of their ranking algorithm. PicPerf's WordPress plugin is a simple, effective way to optimize your images, improve your site's Core Web Vitals, and boost your SEO.

It might be time to revisit how you handle image performance.

Image performance issues typically aren't something you notice until they're pointed out to you. Here are some reasons you might need to rethink the image performance approach on your WordPress site.

  • Images aren't showing or loading quickly. If images are too large or poorly formatted, it can impact how long it takes them to become visible.
  • Your "optimized" images are blurry or grainy. Some optimization plugins aggressively over-optimize images to the point of compromising quality.
  • Poor image encoding and outdated formats consistently come up in performance reports. Using antiquated image formats that aren't designed for the web can limit your image performance.

How is PicPerf different?

You've got options when it comes to image optimization plugins for WordPress. But PicPerf stands apart.

  • No need to move your images. To use PicPerf, you don't need to move your images to a third-party service. PicPerf works with your existing images, wherever they're hosted. Just prefix the URL and you're set.
  • Your images are left alone. PicPerf performs its optimizations entirely in the cloud, leaving your original images completely unmodified.
  • Modern image formats by default. The WebP image format is widely supported by all major browsers, and yet, it's used by a sliver of the web. PicPerf attempts to serve WebP images by default, and only uses the original format if it's actually smaller.
  • Aggressive, opinionated caching. Once a visitor downloads an optimized image, it's indefinitely cached in the browser. So, subsequent page loads will load even faster, improving a visitor's experience as they navigate your website.

How does the plugin work?

PicPerf's WordPress plugin filters as many images as possible, prepending each URL with a special prefix. This includes featured images, those in the page content, and any others you choose to filter programatically.

When a page is then loaded, PicPerf intercepts the image request, and performs its optimizations in the cloud. The optimized image is then served to the visitor, and cached in their browser for future page loads.

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