Make your clients' images fly.

As an agency, you're well-aware of how important page speed is to SEO, conversion rates, and client satisfaction.

The big players know this. For example, Amazon is famous for having identified an outstanding connection between page load time and revenue. And in the past couple of years, Google has gone all-in on advancing healthy Core Web Vitals for the sake of a faster, more accessible web.

Images are one of the most critical pieces in the performance game, but the challenges they present are easy to overlook.

When you're crafting a beautiful digital experience for a client, the images you use don't scream at you when they're too large and unoptimized. And if you're building with high-speed internet access, the performance issues may be difficult to catch, often going completely unnoticed.

PicPerf is obsessively devoted taking these concerns off your plate.

The strategy for doing so looks something like this:

  • 1. Automatically convert images to the lightest, newest format.

    We're in the the 21st century. The go-to format for images on the web should no longer be JPEG or PNG. So, PicPerf will transform them into WebP or AVIF (whichever's lightest). And if there every is a browser support issue, it'll fall back to the original format.

  • 2. Locally the crap out of them.

    When a user revisits a page or heads to another one with the same images, they shouldn't be required to download them all again. PicPerf sets aggressive cache headers on your images. Once a user's browser downloads them, they're cached for up to a year, with no intermediate "revalidations" that consumes more bandwidth.

  • 3. Globally cache the crap out of them.

    In order to keep image requests as fast as possible, they need to be globally distributed on a reputable CDN. PicPerf leverages the modern infrastructure of Cloudflare, one of the most respected CDN providers in the world. Even if your visitor has never been to your site before, there's a good chance the images they'll need will be pretty close to their actual location.

  • Pricing is flexible, predictable, and usage-based.

    For agencies managing several sites at once, PicPerf offers simple, usage-based pricing. $5/month for the account, and $1 for every 100 unique images that are served at least once.

    For example, if one of your clients' sites has 100 different images that are each requested 1 million times, you pay $1 + $5 for the account. If math still works, that's $6.

    No bandwidth limits, by the way.

    You shouldn't have to worry about this stuff.

    Cut the time manually optimizing images or straight-up ignoring image performance issues away. You've got more important things to do, like craft digital experiences. Reach out to set up an account and get back to business.

    By the way, if you're on WordPress or Statamic, the process is even easier. Ready-to-go integrations exist for both.

    Take image performance off your agency's plate.