Make your clients' images fly.

As an agency, you know important page speed is to SEO, user experience, and client satisfaction. PicPerf will automatically make your websites' images lighter and faster, so you can focus on crafting effective experiences.

Images are typically the most expensive asset on a website, and the challenges they present are easy to overlook.

When you're crafting a beautiful digital experience for a client, the images you use don't scream when they're too large, ill-formatted, or poorly cached. And if you're building on a premium maching with high-speed network access, the performance issues caused by slow, unoptimized images are difficult to catch.

But they can have a serious impact on user experience, page speed, and SEO. And the serious players know this. For example, Amazon is famous for having identified an outstanding connection between [page load time and revenue]( And in the past couple of years, Google has gone all-in on advancing healthy [Core Web Vitals]( for the sake of a faster, more accessible web.

Being one of the most expensive assets you can ship, it's critical you get them right. Thankfully, there are automated ways we can tackle the most pervasive problems with them.

PicPerf will automate these challenges away.

PicPerf aims to tackle these primary challenges with images on the web.

  • They're using antiquated formats.

    Rather than .png or .jpeg images, the default format for images on the web _should be_ .webp. It's supported by all major browsers, supports transparency, can replace animated GIFS, and is significantly smaller than other formats.

    PicPerf intelligently attempts to reformat any image to .webp, and (only) if it's smaller, it'll serve that.

  • They're poorly cached, locally.

    When a user revisits a page or heads to another one with the same images, they shouldn't be required to download them all again. PicPerf sets aggressive cache headers on your images, so that a user's device doesn't needlessly redownload them.

  • They're poorly cached, globally.

    In order to keep image requests as fast as possible, they need to be globally distributed on a reputable CDN. PicPerf leverages the modern infrastructure of Cloudflare, one of the most respected CDN providers in the world.

  • And you don't need to move your images anywhere.

    Don't worry about performing any massive image migration, because you won't need to. PicPerf works by prefixing the URLs you're already using. This is great for ease of setup, but it should also easy concerns of vendor lock-in as well. If you'd like to move away from PicPerf, just change back your links, and you're done.

    By the way, if you're on WordPress, the process is even easier. We've got an official WordPress plugin.

    Take image performance off your agency's plate.