Imgix vs. PicPerf

Imagix is a mature, fully-featured platform for transforming and delivering media. But for those looking for simple, effective image optimization, PicPerf is a worthy alternative.

Imgix is a media processing and delivery service used by many websites and applications for transforming and optimizing images and video. It’s got a mature suite of tools and is a very capable platform.

However, there are reasons you might want to consider PicPerf as an Imgix alternative for the images on your site.

1. PicPerf is just focused on making images fast.

Imgix has an impressive set of tools available for manipulating several forms of media in a variety of ways. PicPerf, on the other hand, is laser-focused on optimizing one of them — images. In choosing PicPerf, you won’t need to wade through a sea of features & documentation, and then wonder if your particular needs are gonna get the attention they deserve with so many plates spinning at once. PicPerf just does images. And it’s dang good at it.

2. More predictable pricing.

For image transformations of any sort, Imgix’s pricing plans depend on the number of images you intend to optimize, the bandwidth you’ll use, and the sources of those images. Depending on your needs, it’s not the simplest pricing scheme to grasp, especially if you know your needs will be flexible and unpredictable.

PicPerf takes a different approach: flat, fixed monthly or annual plans, and simple, usage-based agency pricing for those who need it.

3. No bandwidth limitations.

Each of Imgix’s plans dictate a maximum amount of bandwidth you’re permitted to use at each tier. There are no bandwidth limitations with PicPerf. Once it’s optimized, request away.

4. Simpler implementation.

Before you can optimize any images, Imgix requires you to create a “source” connected to where your images live, which means granting access to other providers like Amazon S3. It’s a bit of a chore, and a little stringier than it needs to be.

With PicPerf, you just prefix the URLs of your images, or use one of the official integrations that does it for you. No need to move your images anywhere, or connect to any other account.

Hope that helps bring a little clarity to the decision-making process. If you have any questions, reach out.